Hey Guys, I'm Dan and I own this website.
One day I was thinking, as most intellectuals do, I wonder what's selling on Yeet.com (spoiler alert: it was some sorta wholesale thing, I don't really know.) Anyway it wasn't really a meme, then I thought, I wonder if Yeet.com.au is owned by anyone. Turns out it wasn't, and then I was like lol well I better Yeet myself that domain. So I did. (I also registered the business name Yeet, to make it all official ahha.)
If you didn't guess from some of the merchandise, I'm a Christian, so that's cool.
I don't sell anything in particular here, just my designs that are made, processed and shipped by a third party.
If you want to get in contact, please send me a message on LinkedIn, or if you prefer email: Daniel@884design.com
I hope you have a fantastic day,
Thanks for reading,

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